Friday, April 19, 2013

Create A Smart911 Profile To Support Boston

By creating a Smart911 safety profile between now and May 11, you can help those affected by the Boston Marathon explosions.

Massachusetts-based Rave Mobile Safety, the maker of Smart911, will donate $1 for each new safety profile to The One Fund, which was established by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to provide support for those affected by the blasts.

Rave Mobile Safety is headquartered in Framingham, Mass., about 20 minutes west of Boston. Framingham is one of the towns that the runners pass through on their journey to the finish line each year.

Smart911 lets you create a profile that will be immediately delivered to participating 911 centers and responders in the event you call 911.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Naples Police Department, implemented the Smart911 database locally in June 2012.

The Smart911 database allows citizens to create a secure safety profile of vital personal and household information, including medications, medical conditions and even photographs of each member of the household. Information about family pets can also be entered. The safety profile will be displayed to 911 call takers immediately when that citizen places an emergency call. This safety profile provides much richer information than is currently available on incoming calls and can contain the specific details that first responders need in order to save lives.

Citizens are responsible for filing their own safety profile. A profile is important for many reasons. A profile can give law enforcement immediate access to a photograph if a child goes missing. For the hearing-impaired, a profile can alert the call taker to initiate text messaging as a means of communication in an emergency. A profile can also instantly provide emergency responders with critical information about medical conditions and medications.

Smart911 is free and 100 percent private and secure. Safety profiles can be created through the Smart911 website. Smart911 has the added benefit of being a national database, giving citizens the ability to have their information travel with them. While they may create their profile in their hometown, if they dial 911 anywhere in the country where the Smart911 service is active, their profile will be available to 911 call takers.

Click here to create your Smart911 safety profile.