Friday, July 19, 2013

Grace Place Campers Get Schooled In CSI

Participants in Grace Place’s STEM Camp morphed into CSI investigators Wednesday during an interactive presentation by Collier County Sheriff’s Office Chief of Community Engagement Stephanie Spell.

The 40 middle-school campers donned latex gloves and learned what it’s like to work in a Crime Scene unit. During their visit campers performed three exercises designed to give them a feel for the work investigators do day in and day out. The event took place at the Professional Development Center, 615 3rd Ave. S., Naples.

Chief Spell tailored the presentation to maximize its relevance to the camp’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) theme.

“I wanted them to have fun and learn in a way that was hands-on and interactive,” Chief Spell said.

Campers learned about thin-layer chromatography and capillary action during their investigation into a mock crime.  They also learned how to calculate a suspect’s height by measuring their footprint then then multiplying the length of the foot by 100 and then dividing that result by 15.  They also tested their observational skills by studying an image for five minutes and then answering questions about it after it had been removed.

“We appreciate the commitment of the CCSO to the youth of the community,” said Grace Place Executive Director Stephanie Munz Campbell. “This was a fantastic experience for these at-risk students.  Together, the CCSO and Grace Place are shaping Collier County’s future leaders!”