Tuesday, May 3, 2016

3 Suspicious Incident Cases Closed

Following thorough investigations, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office has closed three recent suspicious incidents. In most of the remaining incidents the interaction between the subject and the reporter was not criminal in and of itself. However, CCSO is continuing to investigate to determine the motivation of individuals who made contact with children they do not know. Incidents that have been closed are as follows:

Deputies identified the subject who made contact with the 9-year-old girl April 29 near Thomasson and Bayshore drives and interviewed him Tuesday. Deputies learned that the reason the subject made contact with the girl was because she was crossing in front of his bicycle and he was concerned for her safety. There was no criminal motivation or ill intent on the part of the subject. This case has been closed.

In an incident reported April 15 on 20th Place SW in Golden Gate, deputies determined that the subject who made contact with two elementary-age children was a special needs high school student who did not have criminal motivation or ill intent. This case has been closed.

In an incident reported April 13 on Crestview Circle in Immokalee, the reporter told deputies she saw a man attempting to lure children into a wooded area. CCSO Aviation, K-9 and Patrol units responded and conducted a thorough search of the area with no results. It was also determined that there were no missing children in the area. CCSO has increased patrols and there have been no additional reports involving this subject.  All leads have been thoroughly pursued. This case has been closed.