Friday, May 20, 2016

CCSO: Stay Safe On Social Media

 Many people are turning to social media to find goods and services and even love.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind users of social media applications and sites to use caution when meeting other people for social encounters or when buying or selling goods. 

CCSO offers these safety tips for meeting someone through social media:
- Be cognizant that individuals may not be who they represent themselves to be.

- Before you meet, take screenshots of the other person’s profile information, photo and your text conversations.

- Trust your instincts

- Don’t go alone; bring a friend

- Insist on meeting at a public place like a café, bank or shopping center. If the person you are meeting doesn’t want to meet in a public place, that’s a sign he or she could have bad intentions.

- Try to meet during the day

- Do not meet in a secluded area or invite strangers into your home

- Be especially careful buying/selling high-value items

- Tell a friend or family member where you’re going

- Take a cell phone along, if you have one

- Be very cautious about how you intend to pay, or accept payment for an item. If someone knows you will be bringing a sizeable amount of cash or a valuable item, it may make you more susceptible to being victimized.

- Providing payment or accepting payment in a method that is not secure and insured can result in the permanent loss of your money. Unlike a storefront or verified online company, you may only meet a person once or never at all. If something goes wrong, it may not be possible to identify or hold the suspect accountable.