Wednesday, July 13, 2016

CCSO VIDEO: Play It Safe Playing “Pokémon Go”

The new “Pokémon Go” game is virtual fun and a great way for players to get out in their community. So as you battle, train and try to “catch em all” just remember you’re still in the real world.
The Collier County Sheriff’s Office wants you to be safe while playing “Pokémon Go” and offers these tips:
* Know your surroundings and pay attention to where you are going and who is around you.
* Watch where you are going. Look both ways before crossing streets. Obey all traffic laws.
* Be respectful of private property. Do not enter areas that you normally wouldn’t go if you weren’t playing the game.
* Don’t drive a motor vehicle or ride a bike while interacting with the app.
Click here to watch the CCSO safety video