Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Inmate Charged In Murder For Hire

Deputies charged a Collier County jail inmate Wednesday after they say he plotted to have his pregnant girlfriend killed.

Robert Glen Forbes Jr., 28, 234 Sixth Street, Bonita Shores, was charged with solicitation of murder.

Reports give the following account of what happened:

Forbes was in jail in connection with a May 7 arrest in which he was charged with aggravated battery and kidnapping/false imprisonment. The victim was his girlfriend, Claudine Sisca, who was seven weeks pregnant at the time.

On May 12, a jail inmate told deputies that Forbes had approached him asking for help in having Sisca murdered. Forbes had given the inmate a hand-written letter listing Sisca’s address, description and her daily routine. The inmate had told Forbes that his cousin may be interested in carrying out the murder. Forbes believed that without Sisca’s testimony, his charges would be dropped and he would be able to leave jail, the inmate said.

On May 13, an undercover deputy posing as the jail inmate’s cousin met with Forbes at the jail via video visitation. The two discussed Forbes’ desire to have Sisca killed, however Forbes told the undercover deputy that he wanted to wait a week because Sisca was trying to have the charges against him dropped.

On May 20, the undercover deputy again met with Forbes at the jail via video visitation. By that time, Forbes had learned that the charges against him could not be dropped because they are domestic violence related. He told the undercover deputy he wanted to go forward with the plan to have Sisca killed. The two also discussed payment. Forbes offered his car, which was worth about $1,600, with the promise of more money later.

Deputies charged Forbes in connection with his plan Wednesday.

No further information is available at this time.