Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From Johnny Castle to Charles Barker

Patrick Swayze’s resume ranges from dance instructor to bouncer and even a ghost. Now tune in to see him as FBI Agent Charles Barker in A&E’s original series…

The Beast

  1. Barker takes on a rookie partner named

  2. Justin Long

    Ellis Dove

    Travis Fimmel

  3. In the first episode, what does Barker do to his new partner?

  4. Hazes him

    Buys him a burrito

    Gives him a copy of “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”

  5. Law student dating the rookie

  6. Natalie Dormer

    Lindsay Duncan

    Rose Lawrence

  7. Agent investigating Barker

  8. Harry Conrad

    Ellis Dove

    Ray Beaumont

  9. Internal Affairs fears that Barker may have gone

  10. Bonkers



  11. Barker’s control agent

  12. Ellis Dove

    Ray Beaumont

    Harry Conrad

  13. Barker and his partner work in

  14. An undercover capacity

    Internal Affairs

    Homeland Security

  15. The show is based out of

  16. Washington, D.C.


    New York City

  17. One of the episodes is directed by Swayze’s

  18. Son



  19. The rookie is asked to work as a

  20. Forensics analyst


    Double agent