Sunday, May 10, 2009

CCSO PUT Members Finish Day 1

Day one of the 2009 Police Unity Tour finished without a hitch.

After our lunch at Yorktown, the riders climbed the bridge they had been eyeing for the last hour. The Coleman Bridge is a toll bridge, and getting everyone through the narrow toll gates took some time. Then we were on to the afternoon rest stops. They consist of the same snack and drink items enjoyed in the morning. We visited a church, a volunteer fire department (where the ladies auxillary provided food and drinks), and the Virginia Motor Speedway.

The highlight of the afternoon had to be riding through the small town of Urbanna, Va. The views were incredible, like a sea of rolling green hills (perhaps a foreshadowing of the hills to come on our ride Monday). The afternoon stops are fewer and farther between, so everyone was glad to arrive at our hotel in Tappahannock (hot, tired, and ready for a shower) at 7:30 p.m.

Stats for Today:

Flat Tires Changed: 5

Bottles of Water Consumed: 850

Bananas Consumed: 50 pounds

Temperature: High of 80 degrees

-Krista Williamson, CCSO-