Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank You, CCSO

The letter below was featured in the Naples Daily News Editiorial Section.

On duty for us

Editor, Daily News:
Do your readers really understand why they are able to sleep securely without fear in Collier County?
Do they really grasp the incredible dedication, cooperation between agencies and love of the community that every single person employed to serve and protect embodies?
I recently had the privilege of being a guest of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for an afternoon intended to cast light on how that agency, Emergency Medical Services, Collier’s fire agencies and the county cooperate to protect and save our lives.
It was nothing short of amazing. Divers, haz-mat moon suits, bomb-eradicating robots, rappelling lifesavers and an always-ready, yet rarely seen SWAT team. We don’t always recognize that we owe our peace of mind in our daily lives to literally thousands of the finest and most well-trained men and women in the nation.
They share one lofty goal that can be boiled down to a single and universally embraced theme: to serve.
We, in case we haven’t thanked one lately, are the served.
— Rick Borman