Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doing The Right Thing

The following students recieved the "Do The Right Thing Award" on November 16, 2009.

Overall Winner, Luis Perez; seventh grade, Golden Gate Middle School

One day this past September, Luis was approached by another student at his school, who asked him if he would like to purchase drugs. Luis turned him down and immediately reported the student to his Youth Relations Deputy. Because of Luis’s quick actions, the student was apprehended and the drugs were confiscated.

Alessandro Contugno; eleventh grade, Naples High School

Alessandro was travelling with his grandfather one morning, when his grandfather began to have a stroke and the vehicle they had been traveling in crashed. Alex immediately contacted his mother to get help. Alex performed first aid to his grandfather for an hour while emergency personnel tried to locate them.

Jordyn Baker; kindergarten, Village School of Naples

Jordyn had long hair for as long as she could remember. Although Jordyn loved her long hair, she cut it short to donate it to Locks of Love. Locks of Love makes wigs out of real hair for children who are battling illness.

Marlene De Paz; third grade, Golden Gate Elementary

This past September, another student in Marlene’s class showed her and several other children a gun at their apartment complex. The classmate told the other children he was going to bring it to school the next day. Marlene reported what happened to the Assistant Principal and the student was later found with a BB gun in his backpack.

Jonathan Gallina; fifth grade, Mike Davis Elementary School

One day Jonathan came up with an idea on his own to raise for children in need. Jonathan began to collect money so children at the David Lawrence Crisis Center could have a Thanksgiving dinner. Jonathan raised approximately $80.00 and presented to the David Lawrence Center .

Mickayla Rodriguez; sixth grade, Oakridge Middle School

Mickayla spearheaded a fundraising event at her school for a family that was murdered in Naples. Mickayla sold lollipops at her school and was able to raise $695.00, which she donated to the family’s burial.

Cooper Simmons; sixth grade, Gulf view Middle School

This past year, Cooper befriended a 2nd grade special needs student. Cooper began coaching the child on running and other athletics. The child reacted positively to Cooper’s efforts and a friendship was established, even though the child cannot speak. Cooper continued to show his support for the student, even going with him to the Special Olympics to encourage him throughout the day.

Lazaro Rodriguez; sixth grade, Oakridge Middle School

One day Lazaro found money on the school campus and immediately turned it into the front office. The money belonged to another student who needed it to buy her PE uniform.

Devin Famulare; ninth grade, Gulf Coast High School

Over the Summer, Devin was a counselor at the Max Hasse Summer Program. When a stranger was repeatedly trying to get some of the campers to talk to him, she immediately went to her Director and the Sheriff’s Office was called. The man was identified by Deputies the following day.

Jesus Cano-Gavina; ninth grade, Golden Gate High School

While in the computer room at school, Jesus found a watch valued at $60.00 next to where he was working. Jesus took the watch and gave it to his teacher.