Friday, January 22, 2010

Five Arrested In Estates Grow House Bust

WHAT: Indoor marijuana grow house

WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 21

LOCATION: 3210 18th Ave. N.E., Golden Gate Estates

1. Guadalupe Perez, 46, 3210 18th Ave. N.E., Golden Gate Estates
2. Pedro Gutierrez, 47, 3210 18th Ave. N.E., Golden Gate Estates
3. Jorge Aguila Basso, 48, 640 12 Place E., Hialeah
5. Luisa Maria Aguila Perez, 20, 640 12 Place E., Hialeah

CHARGES:1. Trafficking in marijuana over 25 pounds,
2. Possession of narcotic paraphernalia

SUMMARY: Deputies arrested five people and uncovered more than $180,000 worth of marijuana at a residence in Golden Gate Estates on Thursday.

Deputies executed a narcotics search warrant at 3210 18th Ave. N.E. around 2 p.m.

The search revealed that the residence was being used as an indoor marijuana grow operation, according to arrest reports.

Deputies found 22 pounds of marijuana that was in the drying process, indicating it had just been harvested, reports said.

Deputies also found 11 small marijuana plants that had been cultivated in a bathroom

A search of the garage also turned up several large buckets that contained marijuana stalks, along with a bag that contained marijuana leaves that weighed 28 pounds, reports said.
Deputies found equipment used to grow marijuana including a harvesting machine, high-intensity light bulbs, transformers and a cooling unit.

Deputies found a loaded firearm underneath a mattress in the master bedroom. The master bedroom was the only room that was not being used to grow marijuana, reports said.

The marijuana weighed a total of 50 pounds and had an estimated street value of $183,000, reports said.

The grow equipment was valued at $10,000, reports said.

Deputies also seized $4,396 in U.S. currency that was found inside the residence, reports said.

Guadalupe Perez

Luisa Perez

Jorge Basso

Pedro Gutierrez