Thursday, March 24, 2011

D.A.R.E. Statement About Sheriff's Appointment To Advisory Board

D.A.R.E. America is honored to announce the appointment of Collier County Sheriff Kevin J. Rambosk to the D.A.R.E. America International Executive Law Enforcement Advisory, effective immediately.

Sheriff Rambosk will serve on the 18-member board, which is made up of internationally recognized sheriffs, chiefs of police, state police executives, provincial police executives, and a state attorney general. The board members represent a broad spectrum of the top executive law enforcement professional organizations in the world. The organizations include: the National Sheriffs Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police, State Associations of Chiefs of Police, Florida Sheriff’s Association, Western States Attorneys General Association, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Sonora (State), Mexico, Department of Public Safety, Major County Sheriff’s Association, Major City Chiefs Association, State and Provincial Police Association, FBI National Academy Associates, and the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.

Sheriff Rambosk will be the executive voice of law enforcement for Florida with D.A.R.E.

Sheriff Rambosk was selected for this position by D.A.R.E. America as a result of his 30-plus years of experience as chief of Naples Police and Emergency Services and Naples city manager, and for his leadership at the helm of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office presently has 26 dedicated D.A.R.E.-trained Youth Relations deputies presenting D.A.R.E. in the classroom to thousands of kids in 32 public and private elementary schools throughout Collier. Those D.A.R.E. deputies are providing evidence-based, age-appropriate curricula to Collier County youth. Topics addressed include bullying, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, Internet safety and cyber-bullying, drugs, gangs, methamphetamine, positive role models, and violence. D.A.R.E. also provides K-12 and after-school lessons and D.A.R.E. Dance for kids.

The mission of the D.A.R.E. America International Executive Law Enforcement Advisory Board is to advise D.A.R.E. America of the needs and desires of local law enforcement executives as it relates to their youth and their D.A.R.E. deputies. This includes the development of curricula; D.A.R.E. programming; D.A.R.E. officer training; D.A.R.E. outreach; executive outreach and training; national, state and local legislative and decision-maker outreach; fundraising input; providing safe bridges with local schools, school administrators, parents, and kids; and being the executive law enforcement voice of D.A.R.E. In turn, D.A.R.E. America pays for all travel, training and expenses for members to attend the two out-of-county meetings annually, so there is no expense to local taxpayers.

Sheriff Rambosk has proven to be a true visionary leader of D.A.R.E. in Collier County. He is dedicated to his philosophy of “Community, Safety and Service.” D.A.R.E. America respects Sheriff Rambosk’s leadership, support and commitment to D.A.R.E. and the kids of Collier County.


Michael J. Lien
D.A.R.E. America

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