Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank You, CCSO

The Collier County Sheriff's Office often receives letter from the public thanking deputies for their service to the community. We would like to share the following letter...

Dear Sheriff,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about an incident my husband, daughter and I had last night while driving back from Miami to Naples on 75. Unfortunately, our brand new car indicated we had 45 more mile to go before we would need to fill the tank when in actual fact it was incorrect. As we pulled off 75 onto the exit ramp sure enough we ran out of gas. We managed to slip through the on coming traffic before stalling right at the median. We called roadside assistance and before we new it Cpl. Brad Gangl was on the scene demanding that we move our vehicle out of danger. He was assertive and at the same time very professional. He and my husband pushed the vehicle onto the shoulder where it was out of harms way. At that point roadside assistance called us back to say it would be an hour and a half before someone would be dispatched. Needless to say, officer Gangl offered to drive my husband to the nearest gas station. Within minutes they were back and we were on our way home. You never wish to deal with law officers and up until this point we never have, but what an eye opening experience as well as comfort to know that men like Officer Gangl are out there caring for the roads and the people on them. I have nothing but praise to give for his exceptional service and kind manner.

Kind regards,
Christine Denault