Monday, October 5, 2015

CCSO Names October “Do The Right Thing” Winners

Eight Collier County students were recently recognized for good deeds ranging from calling 911 to save their infant  sister to reporting a fire.

The students will be recognized at the first “Do The Right Thing” award ceremony for the 2015-2016 school year at Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology on Monday, October 5, 2015 at 3 p.m.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office adopted the "Do the Right Thing" program in January 1988, and has honored hundreds of children for acts that reinforce good behavior, positive acts and outstanding accomplishments in the community.

The following students have been recognized for October:

Sabine Rivera, Second Grade, Seacrest Country Day School

Sabine could never find enough books to read so she began to borrow them from friends, the school, the library and family members. Sabine’s love of reading led her to ask her mother, a fifth-grade teacher at Pinecrest Elementary in Immokalee, what she could do to help students learn to love reading as well. Sabine, on her own, decided it would be a great if she could collect books and pass them out for free to the students at Pinecrest. Sabine went to her church, community organizations, classmates at Seacrest and friends to collect donations of books. Sabine was eventually able to collect and distribute 1,600 books.

Ryan Garraty and James Asbell, Fifth Grade, Tommie Barfield Elementary School

A stranger confronted both Ryan and James and offered them candy that was in his car. The boys took off running and told their parents. The boys told the media they knew what to do, because they completed the “Jr. Deputy” class in fourth grade.

Yves Becimus, Third Grade, Lake Trafford Elementary

Yves called 911 when his 21-month-old sister was having a severe allergic reaction and difficulty breathing after being stung by a bee. During the call, Yves was able to calmly and accurately provide critical information to the first responders. He was able to watch his sister and give the deputies updates while his sister was crying in the background.

Bradley Desravines, Twelfth Grade, Golden Gate High School

Bradley found a gold bracelet on the  floor at school. Not knowing who it belonged to, Bradley did the right thing and immediately handed the jewelry over to the school administrators.

Brendon Drugan and Daniel Rendon, Eleventh Grade, Gulf Coast High School

Brendon and Daniel found a clear zip-lock bag containing approximately $100. They brought the money to the assistant principal, who discovered that the money belonged to Collier County Public Schools and had been accidentally dropped by a cafeteria worker.

Hannah Ryan, Sixth Grade, Mason Classical Academy

Hannah noticed smoke coming for the neighbor’s apartment. Hannah, being alert and knowing what was going on around her, immediately took action. She prevented damage to the apartment building, which would have made numerous families homeless and prevented the loss of property and personal items.