Friday, December 28, 2007

Keep New Year’s Celebrations Safe

When making your New Year’s celebration plans, remember that deputies will be cracking down on any illegal use of fireworks or firing of guns.

Using fireworks that explode or fly is illegal, unless they are being used in a professional demonstration with proper permits. We understand that many people want to create personal fireworks displays, but there are safety issues to consider.

You can injure yourself when lighting the wick, or the fireworks could travel and injure someone else. They can also set a house or vegetation on fire.

Firing a gun into the air in celebration of the New Year is against the law. Florida law states that it is illegal to fire a gun in any public place, over an occupied building or house, or in the right of way of any paved road, highway, or street.

If you know of anyone using illegal fireworks or firing a gun during the holiday weekend, contact CCSO at 793-9300.