Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Warrant Leads To 2 Arrests On Drug Charges

The execution of a search warrant Tuesday led to the arrest of two men on drug charges and the confiscation of cocaine, marijuana, guns and nearly $8,000 in cash.

Julio Garcia-Estrada, 31, 120 Pierce Court, is charged with cocaine trafficking and possession of marijuana. Jose Segovia, of the same address, was charged with possession of marijuana.

According to reports deputies found 249 grams of cocaine and 9 grams of marijuana hidden in a wall inside the house. Deputies determined that those items belonged to Garcia-Estrada. Another 4 grams of marijuana that deputies say belonged to Segovia was found in a bedroom.

A handgun was found hidden in the floor and a rifle was in the closet. They were confiscated. Also confiscated was $7,951 that Garcia-Estrada was carrying at the time.

A woman who was at the house with Garcia-Estrada and Segovia at the time of the search warrant was not charged with a crime.

Garcia-Estrada, Julio Segovia, Jose