Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Man Hauls Gas - Illegally

An Apopka man was arrested after deputies discovered that he was carrying 130 gallons of diesel fuel in a homemade gas tank in the bed of his truck.

Alfredo Rodriguez, 32, was driving a pick-up and hauling a boat trailer in the area of Immokalee Road and Oaks Boulevard at 11:25 p.m. Tuesday when a deputy pulled him over for a traffic infraction. The deputy saw that the trailer’s vehicle identification number had been removed and the license plate belonged on a different vehicle. A search of the truck revealed that the entire bed had been converted into an auxiliary fuel tank that was concealed by a Fiberglas topper.

Rodriguez told deputies he built the tank himself two years ago and that it has a capacity of 320 gallons. He said it currently contained about 130 gallons.

He was charged with unlawful conveyance of fuel.