Friday, March 28, 2008

Stolen Gift Cards Buy Woman Jail

When customers returned merchandise, this North Naples Wal-Mart employee gave herself a gift, deputies say.

Guerlande Ojisma, 24, 5210 Collins St., East Naples, was arrested Thursday and charged with grand theft after deputies say she made dozens of fraudulent transactions on customer returns at Super Wal-Mart, 5420 Juliet Blvd.

Reports say Ojisma was employed at Wal-Mart as a cashier but sometimes she worked in the customer service department, handling customer merchandise returns.

Reports say that on 43 separate occasions, Ojisma would conduct a routine return of an item for a customer. After the return, she would keep the receipt and then return some of the other items that were on the receipt that the customer had not returned.

She would then proceed as if she was doing a return for a gift card as opposed to giving cash back to the customer and then keep the gift card for her personal use.

She used the gift cards to make purchases for her personal use, reports said.