Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Man Charged With Wheeling and Dealing

Deputies say a 45-year-old man was doing more than wheeling around in his wheelchair outside an Immokalee grocery store _ he was dealing drugs.

Lorenzo Ray Coleman, 45, 603 Breezewood Drive, Immokalee, was charged with possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Reports say Collier County sheriff’s investigators received information that Coleman was selling marijuana from his red electric wheelchair.

Investigators located Coleman, who arrest reports say is disabled, in his wheelchair surrounded by a group of men outside Ruby’s Grocery Store, 305 S. First St. on March 21.

Deputies asked Coleman if he was selling drugs and he told them he wasn’t.

Coleman gave investigators permission to search his wheelchair. The search turned up a blue bag containing a Natural Light beer can with 20 small bags of marijuana tucked inside.