Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prevent Purse Thefts

Due to a couple of reports of purse thefts from shopping carts this week, the CCSO is reminding the public to be alert while at the store and take measures to prevent falling victim to a similar crime.

Shoppers should be aware that criminals who carry out such crimes often create a diversion by asking the shopper for help reaching an item on a high shelf or inquiring where a particular item is located in the store. The CCSO advises that shoppers should be wary of strangers initiating conversation with them.

In other instances, the theft of a purse from a cart is a crime of opportunity that happens when the shopper leaves the cart unattended or is focused on shopping. That's why the CCSO Crime Prevention Section recommends the following tips:

* Consider leaving purses at home and carrying only a credit card or
enough cash to complete immediate shopping needs in a small purse that can
be carried in a pocket.

* Consider using a "fanny pack" that straps around your waist.

* If you must carry a purse, use one that can be tied to the cart to
make removal more difficult.

* Always keep your purse closed and securely zipped or snapped.

* Never allow your purse to leave your line of sight if you are
carrying it in your shopping cart.

* Never carry large amounts of cash in your purse.

* Report suspicious people to the store manager immediately.