Monday, April 7, 2008

Burglar’s Remorse?

More than an injured foot was causing this burglar pain; apparently his conscience was bothering him too.

Reports say Ruben Ramirez, 48, showed up at Sugden Park, 4284 Avalon Drive, East Naples around 8:20 p.m. Sunday and asked a park ranger to call deputies so that he could turn himself in on a burglary he said he committed at Naples Botanical Garden on Friday.

When deputies arrived, Ramirez, who had an injured foot and was using crutches, was sitting on a park bench. He told deputies he committed a burglary at the botanical garden and was ashamed of himself.

Deputies say Ramirez gained access to the gift shop at the botanical garden, 4820 Bayshore Drive, East Naples, by smashing out a window with a sledgehammer and then smashing open the cash register and removing the contents before riding off on his bicycle.

Deputies arrested Ramirez, who is homeless, and charged him with burglary and petty theft.