Friday, December 19, 2008

NN Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

A North Naples man was arrested Thursday after deputies say he lured a duck with a slice of bread and then killed it by wringing its neck.

Kenneth Burke, 40, 5360 Summerwind Drive, Apt. 103, was charged with cruelty to animals.

Reports give this account of what happened:

Witnesses saw a man with a knife walk out of his lanai and approach a pond near his complex. The man then threw the knife at one of several ducks in the area. The knife hit the duck but did not penetrate it. The man picked up the knife and went back inside the residence.

Witnesses told deputies the man then came back outside carrying a slice of bread. He lured the ducks toward him by enticing them with the bread. As the ducks neared him he grabbed one of them, wrung its neck and threw its body into the pond.

A gold Toyota Camry drove by as deputies were talking to witnesses. Witnesses identified the driver as the person who had killed the duck.

Deputies conducted a traffic stop. Burke, the driver of the car, was arrested.