Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank You, CCSO

The Collier County Sheriff's Office often receives letter from the public thanking deputies for their service to the community. We would like to share the following letter...

I have recently completed the firearms safety class offered by the Collier County Sheriff's Office (October 2011) and wanted to commend the deputies who conducted the class.

I truly appreciated the opportunity to take this course. I own a gun which had belonged to my father and believe it is very important to understand the weapon as well as the laws and responsibility that pertain to gun ownership.

The classes were informative, well organized, and extremely well done overall. I especially appreciated learning about the legal aspects of self protection. The time spent at the range was fascinating and it was a great privilege to receive training from a deputy. The officer who worked with me (his name was Mike, and I'm sorry I do not recall his last name) was thorough, patient, and supportive. Again, it was a privilege to learn from him.

I believe that these classes are good way for the Sheriff's office to connect with people, and are a tremendous public service.

Thank you again.

-Diane C. Jacobs