Friday, June 29, 2012

CCSO Rewards Girls For Their Community Commitment

Yesenia Espraza, Jenny Reyes and Brittany Reyes may be young, but they are committed to making a difference in their Naples Manor neighborhood. The girls wrote a letter to the Collier County Sheriff's Office pledging to “clean up a part of our street and keep it clean.” They asked only that someone from the Sheriff’s Office write a letter back.

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk not only wrote back to each girl, but also invited them to his office to receive an award thanking them for their commitment to making their community a cleaner, safer and better place to live. The girls were also invited to spend the day with East Naples COPS deputies, touring various Sheriff’s Office departments. Yesenia said they decided to clean up their street because, “it was the right thing to do.”

Sheriff Rambosk told the girls, “You are the future of Collier County and it is wonderful to know that you are already working on making it better.”