Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Annual CCSO Holiday Video Takes You Along For The Ride

Santa Claus on a ride-along?

Yes, Virginia, it’s true. For one night Santa rides along with a Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputy - in a video. 

CCSO kicked off the holiday season this week with the release of its annual holiday safety video.

What’s it like to patrol the streets of Collier County on a typical evening? What type of calls do deputies respond to? In an effort to give residents a glimpse inside the way deputies work to keep our community safe, the video features Santa riding along with a deputy in a patrol car where they encounter everything from a burglary in progress to a vehicle accident and from an impaired driver to a missing person.

When Santa refuses to go into a wooded area known to have snakes and alligators to help search for the missing man, the deputy tells him they must.

“It’s the job,” the deputy says, repeating the video’s familiar refrain. 

The ride-along proves to be an eye-opener for Santa, who thought he had a tough job delivering toys to kids around the world in one night.

As of Wednesday morning, the video had reached more than 32,000 people on Facebook since its release Monday.

You too can come along for the ride. Click on the link to watch the video on YouTube

Video messaging is one of the many ways CCSO employs technology to communicate with the community at no cost. The agency produces a monthly TV show called “On Scene” that airs on CCSO’s Internet TV channel,, as well as the county’s cable channel (Comcast 97) and the Collier County School District’s Education Channel (Comcast 99).

CCSO also produces public service announcements that air in school during the morning announcements and shares safety information on the agency’s Facebook Page, its YouTube channel, Twitter, the Collier Star blog, and The agency also offers a free app, CCSO2go, for iPhone and Android.