Monday, November 16, 2009

Register Your Alarm System Online

Business owners and homeowners in Collier County can register alarm systems online through the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

CCSO has announced a new online system for alarm owners to easily register or renew their alarm systems. Alarm systems in Collier County must be registered per county ordinance 2008-52.

The new online system developed by Michigan-based EnablePoint will help alarm owners register and update information throughout the year. Alarm owners can change information at any time during the year, such as key holder names and phone numbers for the property or the billing address for correspondence. The ordinance requires alarm owners to renew the registration via mail or online once per year.

Deputies responded to nearly 12,000 alarms in 2008, the majority of which were false alarms. Registration of alarm systems assists the Sheriff’s Office with alarm location data which helps the false alarm reduction efforts.

There is no fee to register an alarm site, although it is required annually. A registration violation may be imposed if an alarm site is not registered or kept up to date. To register online go to

The system will require a valid e-mail address and will generate a password. The alarm owner can then submit alarm site information quickly and easily. Once the alarm is registered the program will e-mail the alarm owner that the registration has been received and verified. This provides the alarm owner with a proof of registration for the alarm site.

Contact the Collier County Sheriff’s Office False Alarm Bureau for additional information or questions at 239-793-9595 or 239-530-9714.