Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Man Tries to Scoot Away On Scooter

A Golden Gate man aboard a yellow scooter refused to pull over for a deputy Tuesday night, running a red light and driving across parking lots, down alleys and through vacant lots before finally tipping over after hitting a curb.

Michael Fleur, 39, of 4050 Golden Gate Parkway No. 125B, was charged with fleeing an eluding and driving with an expired license. He also was cited for failure to obey a stop sign, failure to stop at a traffic signal and driving with an obscured license tag.

Deputies began following Fleur at around 9:30 p.m. after noticing that his license plate was obscured. At this time Fleur was driving south on Collier Boulevard. The scooter turned right into a Citgo gas station and then pulled out onto 20th Avenue Southwest. He then drove into the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant, headed through the drive-through window lane and entered Collier Boulevard without stopping at the stop sign at the McDonald’s exit.

At this point the deputy behind Fleur turned on his lights and siren, but Fleur continued driving at around 35 mph.

Fleur then ran a red light at the Golden Gate Parkway intersection as he continued south on Collier Boulevard. He turned right into a parking lot at a Quality Inn, then left the parking lot and headed north on Golden Gate Parkway. He then made a right turn into the parking lot of a self-serve car wash and then headed through a vacant lot and into the parking lot of Sunshine Ace Hardware, where he weaved between parking curbs to prevent the patrol car from following him. Fleur ended up hitting a curb and tipping over.